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Remove ticks in a safe and hygienic manner
and avoid the dangerous bacteria


SAFECARD makes effective removal of the dangerous tick a simple task –– on both humans and animals.

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Asia, Australia, and Africa

Places you may meet the tick…

Back in the day, meeting the tick was reserved for trips to the woods. Now our gardens are at risk too. And our homes as well. Where there is food, you can find the tick, often times carried by dogs and cats. Humans often carry it as well after spending time in nature, in the garden, on the golf court or just anywhere with vegetation.

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When bad luck strikes...

Most people don’t notice that they have a tick on them. Because of this, it can be a good idea, after a trip out in nature, to check the favorite spots of the blood-thirsty ticks.

In some cases, ticks transmit Borrelia bacteria. Therefore, when you get home, it is a good idea to look for ticks in scalp, armpits, by the waistbands, the groin or the kneecaps. However, since the ticks seek dark and humid places, it can take several days before humans find them.

Later, when the fleet has started sucking blood, it starts to grow in size. Do not try to rip it off the skin with your fingers. It is sticking with its very strong bite, and hard to twist off without making it get smushed––and thereby get the bacteria on your fingers.

In case of being infected by bacteria, the bite can evolve into a red rash, which later spreads across the skin. In cases like this, symptoms of being bit will often be headaches with light fever, not feeling very good in general, and possibly muscle pains. In some cases symptoms can be even more severe.

SFTS = Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome

TBRF = Tick-borne relapsing fever

CCHF = Crimean‐Congo Hemorrhagic Fever

How to remove the tick...

A tick should be removed as soon as possible. However, no bacteria is transmitted within the first 24 hours. Therefore, make a rule of checking yourself just after a trip out in nature. Even what appears to be a birthmark can turn out to be a tick. The best and most safe way to remove a tick is by using a SAFECARD. Check the instructions for use.


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Size : 85 x 53 x 1 mm

Weight : 5.0 grams

Material : ABS

Color : White (translucent)

Scientifically Approved

The SAFECARD is probably the only scientifically approved tick remover in the world.

Dr. Andreas Gerritzen, specialist for microbiology und laboratory medicine at Medizinisches Labor Bremen, the leading laboratory in ticks and tick transmitted diseases in Germany, is after thorough examination, recommending the SAFECARD.

He has edited and approved all the scientific data in the most authoritative and helpful guidebook on ticks we have ever come across: The Tick – Amazing and Dangerous – 92 full color pages, scientific details, helpful information and instructions.  The book is only available in German.

Annually the tick remover card sells in the millions across Europe. So people love it too, which is evidence of the card working and serving really well.

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